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What Is Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement

Washington has continued to reject bills at the state government level to join the eNLC. Nurses are currently fighting against the laws to join the eNLC. The moves in Washington have forced government officials to reconsider their position; However, the main concern is that, for safety reasons, admission should be in the state in which the nurse practises. The eNLC assumes that safety practices and scopes are the same for all nurses in each state, and while this is true, the Washington State Nursing Council remains at odds. * New Jersey allows nurses who hold active, unencumbered, multi-state licenses issued by Nurse Licensure Compact member states to practice in New Jersey under their multi-state licenses. NLC is a form of mutual recognition in which “licensing authorities voluntarily enter into an agreement to legally accept the policies and processes (license) of a licensee`s home state.” The Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC) allows nurses to be licensed in multiple states. There are currently 34 states that have passed NLC laws, which means they recognize the multi-state license or have such legislation pending. A complete list of NLC states can be found below. This page is designed to provide information and updates about NLC to nurses in Texas.

The Texas Legislature passed the Nurse Licensure Compact in 1999 and it was signed by Governor George Bush on June 19, 1999. It entered into force on 1 January 2000. The pact is an agreement between states to recognize each other`s licensees. This mutual recognition model was developed by the National Council of State Nursing Councils (NCSBN) to facilitate intergovernmental practice and regulation. The benefits of nlC include: NlC allows nurses with compact licenses to practice physically, over the phone or electronically across state borders in other compact states; compact public care bodies have established new levels of cooperation; and the public has better access to safe care. You can still listen to Nursing Compact, NLC, eNLC and Multistate License. Essentially, they all mean the same thing. For the purposes of this and subsequent articles, “compact” States means States that have adopted the eNLC. Similarly, a “compact license” is a license purchased in a compact state and serving as a multi-state maintenance license when used in other compact states. The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) is an agreement that allows for mutual recognition (reciprocity) of a nurse`s license between U.S.

member states (“compact states”). The NLC, which was enacted by the participating states, allows a nurse who legally resides in a compact state (her “home state”) and holds a nurse`s license to practice in one of the other compact states (the “remote states”) without obtaining an additional license in the remote states. . . .

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