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Uipath Community Edition License Agreement

I am using UiPath v2018.3 Community Edition. Since the community edition is free, can I offer it to my client? Is there any cost if a small business team uses this edition? This Restrictions on Use Directive (“Guideline”) lists unacceptable actions by customers in the use of software developed or licensed by UiPath (“UiPath Platform”). An actual or attempted breach of this Directive, which UiPath believes results in a credible risk of damage to UiPath or its products and services, its customers or third parties, may result in withdrawal from the customer account and, where appropriate, legal action against the customer. The terms used below, but not defined in this directive, have the meanings set out in the license agreement in effect for the UiPath Platform (“Agreement”). UiPath reserves the right to update this Policy at any time without prior written notice to Customer. Yes, of course, you can use the community edition of uipath – to get this edition, use – where you enter your common authentication like google mail id and your password and click on Enter, which leads us to the Cloud platform – where we can download the Community Edition in the RESOURCE tab Please contact the sales team of uipath Re contact the sales description » content=”Thank you, That you have contacted UiPath. Please explore the rest of the site. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible. You can purchase a license of Orchestrator by logging into your account or signing in to Orchestrator with your computer key. Example: C:UiPathPlatform.msi CODE=1234567890 /passive installs all the default functions and activates your license with a progress indicator. The UiPath suite can be activated when running the UiPath Platform installer via the prompt to enter.

To perform this action, you must perform it with the CODE command, followed by the license code. Example: C:UiPathPlatform.msi CODE=1234567890 Licensing Models means the description of the UiPath platform and associated usage restrictions available on the website (or successor): Public Preview means the period during which UiPath makes the UiPath Platform available under this Agreement, with reduced ease of use and functionality. Public Preview may be subject to reduced obligations compared to what is provided for general availability software and extends until UiPath is otherwise made available under a separate agreement. Account Deletion Directive, the Account Deletion Directive which is located on the successor`s site (or website): The Enterprise Studio makes the studio and robot available as a trial version for 60 days. However, the community version of robot, studio and orchestrator is free and often receives updates. Local License – You can activate Studio with a standalone enterprise trial or license code. This type of license activates the Enterprise edition of Studio. This activation can be done online and offline. For more information, click Activate with a license key.

If you already have a local license for your studio, but still want to connect it to Orchestrator, enable the external license control box in Orchestrator when you create the crawler. This ensures that Orchestrator does not infect a license in its license pool, since your studio is assigned to the local license by default. This is achieved by contacting us with our distribution department here Contact Distribution – RPA Business Process Strategy | UiPath Contact our sales team to find out how RPA benefits your business, improve processes quickly and efficiently, and how to simplify the path to automation. If the company is big enough, you can only request the trial version and decide whether you buy the license or not. The device on which the trial version was run is locked and can no longer activate the Community Edition after the end of the trial period. – resell, sublicense, assign, transfer, lease, lend or distribute licenses or acquired rights under the Agreement, Second Question – Yes, you can do so….

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