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Settlement Agreement Maternity Pay

To stay in touch during maternity leave and make it easier for your employee to return to work, she can work up to 10 days for you during her maternity leave. This will not end their maternity leave or mean that they will lose their SMP for weeks while they are working. Take a copy of form MATB1 maternity certificate and return the original to your employee. When a wage subsidy occurs after they end their employment relationship and the wage increase is reduced to the time you worked for you or were on maternity leave, you may be entitled to the wage increase. They must check the terms of their old employment contract. Although his employer has provided that the £60k will be used to settle all their claims, including SMP, in full and definitively, the agreement does not explicitly mention SMP. Following the settlement agreement, it complained to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that it had not received SMP and argued that the settlement agreement did not justify it, since it was not explicitly mentioned in the agreement The complainant was dismissed during her pregnancy and claimed unjustified release and discrimination on grounds of parole. Since the applicant remained active within 11 weeks of her expected week of birth, she was entitled to SMP. Following the ACAS conciliation procedure, the case was settled using a COT3 form. Form COT3 confirmed that it had “settled all [the claimant`s] claims regarding her employment contract and termination.” . . .

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