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Compilazione Learning Agreement Unimi

You have a maximum period of six months from the end of your stay to initiate the procedure (before initiating it and before it is completed), which ends within a period of approximately two to three months, plus the time necessary for the student secretariat to load the notes. MLS: Prof. Alessandra Lazazzara – The first thing you do when you participate in the Erasmus mobility programme is to read the documentation and the online mobility agreement that governs the conditions of the study abroad period. SPO: Prof. Francesca De Battisti – 2nd Erasmus Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Martin Carlo Nardella (e-mail contact at After returning to Italy, the student receives two emails sent automatically by the Erasmus National Agency for the online creation of the individual end-of-stay report and the final OLS (online language assistance) test requested for statistical and evaluation purposes. Erasmus Head of Teaching After the selection of exams and the identification of correspondence with your programme (Learning Agreement) 1. The Learning Agreement The student who has searched the website of the selected university for study programmes that are as compatible as possible with those of his UNIMI programme (and allow him to determine the number of results required for the stay abroad) will contact the Erasmus assistant of his course (see section “Contacts”) to assess the adequacy of the programming.


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