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Agreement For Sale Fifth Edition

General Terms and Conditions of Sale (5th edition РRevision 2018) (PDF 645 KB) In accordance with the general conditions of sale of the 5th edition, for two or more buyers who are imposed under the contract, all obligations imposed under the contract are imposed individually or mutually. For example, if buyers sweep the contract after the exchange, they are required to lose the acompetery paid to the seller. If the acompet̬re has not been paid in full on the day of the exchange, the seller may take legal action against each of the buyers for the full amount due, instead of bringing an action against any buyer for its share in the sale. If the buyer does not conclude it within 10 days or on the date indicated in the contract, the seller may terminate the contract. In this case, the seller can keep the amount of the deposit with him at the same time as the accrued interest and related claims. He also has the right to resell the property. The buyer is obliged to return all documents and terminate the contract. The seller is not obliged to resign; It is up to him to decide whether he abandons the transaction or whether he wishes to continue it. He can terminate the contract at any time before the buyer is ready to conclude the contract, not necessarily within a day. But interest is accrued based on the contract rate during this period.

This clause does not apply if the buyer comes to the property for any type of work and does not live in the property. The license expires on the date of conclusion or termination of the contract or after 5 days of operation, according to a notification agreed by the seller, whichever happens first. If the buyer remains in the property, even after the expiration of the license period, he must pay the aforementioned fees until the date of completion. In accordance with the general conditions of sale of the 5th edition, the buyer`s carrier sends a check the day before or on the day of the exchange or transfers the money to the seller`s promoter up to 10% of the purchase price. If the cheque is cancelled or the transfer does not pass, the seller may terminate the contract without penalty within one week from the date of delay. The general terms and conditions of sale of the 5th edition also contain rules applicable to the timely sending of communications and documents to the parties concerned during a sales process. A message can be sent in person or by DX mail, fax and royal mail. In contradiction with the 4th In this edition, the buyer must assume all the responsibilities related to the property from the date of the exchange (that is, even before completion). If the property is purchased at an auction or the seller is insured in the NHBC system, the real estate attorney can act as an agent for the seller and release the money from the surety before the end of the sale process. The general conditions of sale vary when it comes to new construction contracts. In the case of tied selling, the deposit may be less than 10% of the purchase amount, as the value of the seller`s property may be less than the value of the property he wishes to buy.

Here, the second seller must accept no less than 10% as a down payment, but to collect the full amount, he would have to sue the buyer, which would put a saliva in the sale transaction. In such cases, the promoters may agree to continue without acompttence and proceed with the exchange and completion on the same day that the full amount of the purchase is paid. This does not give the buyer any leeway to fall behind in payment. If the property is insured by the seller, if the insurance is maintained until the closing date and will not be cancelled.. . . .

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