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Arc Lief Funding Agreement

The quasi-subsidy program funds nan applicants whose grant applications have been highly ranked but not funded by ARC Discovery Projects as part of the annual evaluation process. b. changes to the approved funding period, financial assistance and/or financial support period; The CRA has implemented three evaluation cycles for the Linkage project round, which will be promoted in 2020. A3.2 The CRA recognizes that researchers consider a wide range of factors when deciding on the best opportunities for publications resulting from their research. These considerations include the status and reputation of a journal or publisher, the peer review process for evaluating their research results, access to other stakeholders in their work, the likely effects of their work on users of research results, and the dissemination and production of knowledge. In light of these considerations, the CRA strives to ensure the widest possible dissemination of the research funded by its funding, in the most efficient and timely way possible. A5.3 Notwithstanding the above, the CRA may, in addition to the exceptions listed in Appendix A`s A5.1 subsection, publish and notify financial offers or allocations, including information on proposed research; The names of the investigators and their organizations named in the funded DEEE proposals; The name of the administrative organization and all other parties involved in the project or related to the project; The title and summary descriptions of the project and its expected results (including national/community benefits from the research); The amount and nature of the CRA`s financial assistance. Management organizations should ensure that the information contained in the title and summaries of the proposed project does not compromise their own privacy requirements (for example. B future intellectual property protection) when published. The results of the funding will be published on the CRA website on the same day they are announced by the Minister of Education. RDS will provide the recipients with an end-of-study thesis as soon as possible after the results of the funding cycle are published. The IEEE RESEARCH PROGRAM Small equipment is the responsibility of eligible organisations.

However, there may be special circumstances in which an integrated research organization consisting of a number of small objects can be invoked in a single case. If a proposal requires funding for a number of small positions and does not justify the CRA`s satisfaction that the positions are part of an integrated research organization and are necessary to support research activities, the CRA may decide, at its sole discretion, not to recommend the proposal for approval. 4.1.5 The CRA is a legal authority of the Australian government created under the ARC Act. The CRA`s main tasks, as defined in the CRA Act, are to make recommendations on funding for research programs, manage funding to support research programs, and provide policy advice on research. 4.4.1 All parties involved in or related to proposals and projects are required to disclose to the CRA and other stakeholders to the proposal or project (including all co-operated organizations) conflicts of interest that have the potential to influence or influence the application for funding or research and activities, publications and press releases related to the proposal or project.

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