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A Labor Agreement Is Enforced By The

As a general rule, wages are paid to the worker in place of his performance of the work or they are transferred to the bank`s account on the terms set out in the collective agreement or the employment contract. The federal laws and other normative acts of the Russian Federation that contain labour standards cover labour relations and other relations that are directly related to them and which are forged throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, unless contrary provisions of these laws and other normative acts are made. A draft treaty is developed through collective bargaining. The government encourages the organisation of occupational health and safety training in primary, general primary, general and secondary (complete) and vocational, vocational, higher and post-secondary education institutions. With the agreement of a parent (guardian, trustee) and an organizing organization, an employment contract may be entered into with a student who has reached the age of 14 for light work that must not be harmful to health and must not be harmful to the study process with a student who has reached the age of 14. The vast majority of union-employer disputes are settled through an appeal procedure and most of the others are systematically eliminated by arbitration. From time to time, a party will object to arbitration or refuse to comply with an arbitration award. In such a case, Section 301 of the Taft-Hartley Act authorizes legal action in the Federal Court to enforce the conciliation agreement or the arbitrator`s arbitration award. The certification of compliance with measures to ensure safety at work (safety certificate) is a document attesting to the compliance of the measures taken by the organization in the field of workplace safety with the legal normative requirements for safety at work.

The public authorities of the Russian Federation issues on issues are not covered by federal laws and other normative acts of the Russian Federation may promulgate laws and other normative acts with labor law standards. If a federal law or other normative act of the Russian Federation is adopted in this matter, the law or other normative act of the Russian Federation will be adapted to the federal law or the other normative act of the Russian Federation. In the exercise of work in working conditions different from those of normal working conditions (performing work of different qualifications, combination of work, work beyond normal working time, night work, unemployed holidays and other cases), the worker benefits from additional allowances provided by the collective agreement, the employment contract. The amount of additional compensation should not be less than that set in laws or other standard legal acts. Article 50. Registration of the collective agreement, Contract It is not permissible to refuse workers who have been invited in writing by the previous position to enter into an employment contract for one month from the day they withdraw from the previous job. A collective agreement of an organization may define a different order from the mandatory participation of an elected trade union authority of that organization in the development of issues related to the termination of employment contracts at the initiative of the employer. The employer has the right to enter into a vocational training contract with a jobseeker and a training contract for retraining with the organization`s staff.

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